How To Get A Grunge Look

by - 3/03/2016

The experts have spoken clearly: the real must this season will be the grunge cut. Let's move on shaves, double cuts and get a space for our messy hair. The grunge look was popular in the 90s, just think about the hair of Kurt Cobain and Johnny Depp to get an idea. Over the years it has become trendy especially among hipsters, but how can we achieve it? It is probably the easiest thing to do, you just need a blow dryer and any wax-based hair water. Now follow these three steps:

  1. Once the hair are washed, dry all down, pushing them with your fingers on the forehead.
  2. Now put a wax walnut on the palm of the hand and provide it through the hair, always moving them towards the front. 
  3. Just get the final touches, trying to make the hair as much confused as possible, when it seems that you have just got up from the bed, then the work will is done.
Get the grunge look. 
 Gli esperti hanno parlato chiaro: il vero must di questa stagione sarà il taglio grunge. Abbandonate le rasature, i doppi tagli e date spazio ai vostri messy hair. Per chi non lo sapesse, il look grunge era molto in voga negli anni ’90, basti pensare ai capelli di Kurt Cobain e Johnny Depp per farvi un’idea. Negli anni si è trasformato diventando di tendenza soprattutto tra gli hipster, ma come possiamo realizzarlo? Probabilmente è la cosa più semplice da fare, avete bisogno solo di un phon e di una qualsiasi cera a base d’acqua per capelli. Seguite ora i tre passaggi:


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