What I Won't Wake Up Without

by - 1/26/2016

You know, the morning is always traumatic and talking about waking up, aside from the fact that we would never come to that point where we have to get up, what can we do to wake up in the right way and then start a new day?

 In addition to a healthy breakfast, the answer is given by Kiehl's with his daily serum: Daily Reviving Concentrate. A day formula specially designed to revitalize the skin and protect it from external aggression. During the winter the skin starts to dry out, to fix the problem we start using oils and everything else, but soon we realize that from being dry, our skin has become oily. 

Serum Daily Reving Concentrate with a lightweight texture and 100% natural ingredients, is rather quickly absorbed and helps to strengthen and protect the skin barrier, for a fresh and good skin status. Just a few drops before applying any moisturizer for the skin and feel totally revitalized, non-greasy and smells good. The recommended price is about € 42.00. 

Some similar products may be: 
  • Awakening Express Gel Skin Energy by Nivea Men 
  • Force Suprême Youth Architect Serum by Biotherm Homme 
  • Fluid Hydratant Homme Purifying by Vichy Laboratoires
Si sa, il mattino è sempre traumatico e parlando del risveglio, tralasciando il fatto che non vorremmo mai che arrivasse quel momento in cui tocca alzarci, cosa fare per svegliarsi nel modo giusto ed iniziare quindi una nuova giornata? 

Oltre a una sana colazione, la risposta ci viede data da Kiehl’s con il suo siero giorno: Daily Reviving Concentrate. Una formula giorno appositamente pensata per rivitalizzare la pelle e proteggerla dalle aggressioni esterne. Molto spesso, durante l’inverno la pelle inizia a seccarsi, per ovviare al problema incominciamo ad utilizzare oli e quant’altro, ma ben presto ci rendiamo conto che da secca che era, la nostra pelle è diventata ormai grassa.

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