TOP 5: Perfumes for Christmas

by - 12/03/2015

They say that you're never fully dressed without scent and we all know how to a man can be a real weapon of seduction. Each fragrance in a certain sense reflects our personality, we have strongessences, gentler, cooler and some purely masculine, but the question is: is there a fragrance that can be adapted to all situations? I would say that versatility doesn't belong to perfumes, that's why we must have many and different perfumes. I would recommend to have at least four, one for each season. Aside from the great classics, that can tell stories of generations, I have written my TOP 5 of perfumes that I normally use.

Si dice che non si è mai completamente vestiti senza profumo e tutti sappiamo quanto per l’uomo possa essere una vera e propria arma di seduzione. Ogni fragranza in un certo senso rispecchia la nostra personalità, abbiamo essenze più decise, più dolci, più fresche e alcune dal carattere prettamente virile, ma la domanda sorge spontanea: esiste una fragranza capace di essere adatta a tutte le situazioni? CONTINUA A LEGGERE L'ARTICOLO SU GLAMOUR.IT

The last perfume I tried is Opportune Premium an exclusive Eau de Toilette tailored for the contemporary classy man. I found it particularly concentrated, perfect for a sensuality that lasts a long time on the skin. (€ 37.27)

Other fragrances must have, that do not need presentations are:
  • Chanel Bleu de Chanel (€ 59.02
  • Paco Rabanne One Million (€ 51.58
  • Dolce & Gabbana The One (€ 44, 56
  • Bulgari, Aqua (€ 43.16
Giving a perfume as a gift can seem like a real mission impossible, but the secret is to know the other person enough to avoid mistakes and with Christmas coming, hope you got some advice, at least for your special one.

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