Womenswear Moodboard #1

by - 1/22/2015

After all the menswear posted for the weekly #WST I decided to think about girls too...that's why i'm starting this week a new corner for women about shopping. Every week i'll post a mood board giving you examples of what's trendy ;) check it out!

Dopo aver postato per settimane la #WST totalmente maschile ho pensato che un piccolo angolino per tutte le ragazze sarebbe più che giusto dedicarlo...proprio per questo da questa settimana inizierò una nuova rubrica sullo shopping, che presenterà un moodboard acquistabile. ;) che ne pensate?
  • Steven Booties €141.96 
  • Madewell Top €98.21 
  • David Lerner Skirt €127.68 
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs Bracelet €132.14 
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs Mirrored Sunglasses €133.93 
  • Bella Dahl Button Down €129.46
  • Olive Beanie €28.57 
You can shop the board and look for similar ideas right here

Shopbop has a lot of interesing sections such as the one for bags, which you'll totally adore featured all the most important designers, or the one of shoes...you can shop all your favourite clothes in the clothing section and take a look at the new entry in "What's New" what are you waiting for? Go on www.shopbop.com

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