ONE NAME: Kyle Anderson

by - 9/05/2011

I want to start this new month with an entire post dedicated to Kyle Anderson. Senior ACCESSORIES Editor at ELLE Magazine. A leading figure in the fashion world. Having had the opportunity to speak several times on Twitter with him, was for me a great opportunity. A man who has style to spare, who with his philosophy create beautiful outfits, that knows how to choose well what to wear. A man who is an inspiration for me. You will find several photos inside the post which you can view directly on his site:

I leave you all to judge this great fashion editors.

Boots: Trash & Vaudeville
K.A. NY Fashion Week Seat

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14 commenti

  1. Sooo iconic! Love him! :)

  2. I met him in NY he waaas sooo stylish! He's a genius! xx

  3. Non lo conoscevo...grazie per il post! :)

  4. Love him!

  5. He is so stylish.
    Everything is so nice. These shoes are fabulous.

  6. He is so cool! I love this post!!
    xx so

  7. One of my all time favourites! Such great personal style!

  8. I love the first outfit, so rock!!!


  9. Ciao, grazie per il tuo commento, certo che ricambio, anche i ti seguo! Passa presto a trovarmi, ti aspetto!!!
    Cosa mi metto???

  10. I love him, he is so freaking cool it’s not even funny and just look at that first picture, I mean can anyone wear leather better and those boots are so insanely cool I have no words? You have a lovely blog and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic