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I'm back from the first round of the summer holidays , I spent a wonderful week in Salento with my dear friends including R...

I'm back from the first round of the summer holidays, I spent a wonderful week in Salento with my dear friends including Reby and Writty. I can't wait to leave again, i'm already tired of being back home! :D

But "let's focus on fashion," many people don't know that the big brand Balenciaga designs and creates accessories for men. Today, in fact, i was really impressed for a pair of sneakers and a fantastic bag, I MUST buy them as soon as possible. What do you guys think of the brand?

P.S. I added the items on fashionlista and take this opportunity to suggest to follow me! :)

(check out the items after the jump)

Eccomi tornato dal primo round delle vacanze estive, ho passato una meravigliosa settimana in Salento con i miei cari amici tra cui Writti e Reby. Non vedo l'ora di ripartire, sono già stanco di esser tornato a casa! :D

Ma "let's focus on fashion" molte persone non sanno che il grande marchio Balenciaga disegna e crea accessori anche per gli uomini. Oggi infatti sono davvero rimasto impressionato da un paio di sneakers e una bag fantastica, che dovrò acquistare il prima possibile. Voi cosa ne pensate ragazzi del marchio?

P.S. Ho aggiunto gli items su fashionlista e ne approfitto per suggerirvi di seguirmi! :)

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  1. I love Balenciaga!

  2. Of course we can! I lovee Balenciaga!! The black bag definitely!!

    Love your style. Sexy photos! Following u now!


  3. Antonio always happy to follow a fellow balenciaga fan - they do amazing menswear - great investment! thanks for your comment x

  4. oh course I will follow you, now you can do the same! :)

  5. Balenciaga, a wonderful style !
    I love the bag, so nice.
    Have a great day

  6. belenciaga is so gorgeous! <33 followed you!

  7. Hi :) balenciaga is great.

    about your comment- Im already following you :) ;)

  8. balenciaga non delude mai!!!!

    e grazie per essere passato da me...
    The Glamour Avenue

  9. i want the bag!
    hi, just followed your blog.
    and thanks for dropping by on mine (

  10. hi ,dear! i follow you now ,like your fb page. come back ,follow me,thank you! xxx.stella

  11. Many thanks for your visit. I love Balenciaga and was actually doing a post today!

  12. Hi, thanks for your sweet comment, of course I am happy to follow each other!!

    PS hope you get that bag, it's gorgeous and would be a perfect staple piece :)

    Sadie x

  13. I am all about that bag!

    All the best, Angel


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